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Aaron Tveit sings Love to Me at Sundance…..Sings!
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When someone says they don’t like musicals

Theatre vs. Sports


Auditions are my tryouts.

Rehearsals are my practices.

Costumes are my uniforms.

Performances are my games.

The Tony Awards is my Super Bowl.

We do just as much as athletes, I just like to think that we do it better ;p

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my talents include identifying a song from a musical within the first two notes. 

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My relationship with musicals basically just means listening to the soundtrack for days and days and searching through the tag on tumblr, then finally reading up on the storyline on wiki and then search for a bad recording of the show on youtube and never get the chance to see it onstage because I’m very far away from New York or the show has ended years ago and THERE’S NO REVIVAL

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